Types of Courses

In SIMPLEIT!, we provide a variety of courses that are relevant for seniors and adults to learn.
Courses ranges from Corporate Trainings to the Basic IT usage in our daily life.

Below are examples of courses we provide in
both English and Mandarin.

Corporate Training

  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Google Suite

Going Online

  1. Learning online with Zoom (使用Zoom在网上学习)
  2. Teaching online with Zoom – for teachers (使用Zoom教课)
  3. How to present yourself online – for teachers (老师如何在教课镜头前展现自己)
  4. How to edit your video as training material – for teachers (如何剪辑教学影片)


  1. Tablet 101 (平板电脑101)
  2. Understanding your iPhone (苹果 iOS 手机基础班)
  3. Understanding your Android Phone (安卓 Android 手机基础班)
  4. Understanding Mobile Apps (了解智能手机应用程序)

Social Media

  1. Be an Instagrammer! (社交应用程序 Instagram)
  2. Facebook for Beginners (社交网站 Facebook 面簿)
  3. Introduction to Emailing (网上交流 – 电邮)
  4. Stay Connected with WhatsApp (社交应用程序 WhatsApp)
  5. Introduction to WeChat (微信入门)
  6. Communications Made Easy with Skype (通讯软件 Skype)
  7. Staying Safe from Online Scams and Fake News (预防网络欺诈/假新闻)

Photo / Video

  1. Google Photo (Google照片) Making Movies With MS Movie Maker (微软影像制作)
  2. Mobile Photography (手机拍照)
  3. Mobile Videography (基本手机录影技巧)
  4. Photo Editing with Smartphone (使用智能手机编辑照片)
  5. Youtube Video Production (YOUTUBE影像制作)


  1. Guide to Cashless Payments (无现金交易入门)
  2. Selling Online (网上销售)
  3. Shop and Pay Online (网上购物与付款)
  4. E Transactions & Internet Security (网上交易和网上安全)


  1. Creative Presentations using Powerpoint (基本微软多媒体幻灯片)
  2. Understanding Microsoft Excel (基本微軟Excel)
  3. Microsoft Excel Advanced (高级微軟Excel)
  4. Microsoft Excel – Pivot Table (微軟Excel – Pivot Table)
  5. Microsoft Excel – Formulas (微軟Excel – 自动计算)
  6. Microsoft Excel – Tables and Charts (微軟Excel – 表格和图表)
  7. Understanding Microsoft Word (基本微軟Word)


  1. Fun With Music on Smartphone / Tablet (手机/平板电脑弹唱乐)


  1. Navigating Singapore with Google Maps (Google地图环岛乐)
  2. Transportation at your Fingertips (智慧交通应用程序)

How to register a course?

By visiting the Eventbrite website, students are able to register and explore different courses available to sign up for!

Are there other courses?

Looking for more courses? Discover more relevant courses available at myskillsfuture here!

What classes to sign up?

SimpleIT! strives to ensure lessons are made relevant and up to date to what is in demand presently.


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